On Pitch Performing Arts

Auditions Secrets:

What the Director won't tell you. 

September 20th

6:30 - 9:30pm

Designed for both the amateur and emerging professional, this workshop will focus on audition technique, mastering the cold reads, and preparation for musical and play auditions. Participants will learn what it takes to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Youth Musical Theatre

Annie JR

September 4th - January 12th

4:30pm - 6pm, Tuesday AND Thursday

Semester Tuition: $375 INCLUDES T SHIRT


Learn the basic steps and terminology in dance, theatre, and music as well as further develop students’ performance skills through improvisation, voice and movement exercises and scene work.  Students are divided into age- and/or skill-appropriate groups.  They will audition and be cast in a full scale production. CLASSES WILL BE DIVIDED BY AGE DURING CLASS TIME.

Adult Only Musical Theatre Class

September 27th - December 6th

7pm - 9pm, Thursday

In this musical theatre intensive for adults, focus is placed on song interpretation, the mastery of basic choreographic combinations, and vocal technique. This class culminates in a studio showcase featuring solo and ensemble performances.

Musical Theatre

for the Homeschool student

In partnership with Shine Performing Arts Group


This course offers Homeschool students an overview of musical theatre from the perspectives of history and performance. Students will explore examples of American musical theatre through musical, theatrical, and dance styles from throughout the 20th century.  Open to students in grades 2 – 12, students will be divided into age and skill-appropriate work groups. This performance-based class culminates in a classroom showcase performance.

Tiny Stars Performing Class

September 26th  - December 12th

5pm - 6pm, Wednesday

Semester Tuition: $175


Engaging instructors will lead students through samples of movement, pantomime, clowning, storytelling, improvisation and theatre games.  This action-packed class will help students build confidence and enthusiasm about the theatre arts.

Singing Performance Masterclass

(Age 13 and up)

More Information coming soon

This class is designed to provide the performing singer with the tools and techniques to support your inner singer. Gain more confidence, step into your authentic voice and performer, and to move (not just impress) an audience.  Uncover what’s been holding you back from realizing your potential as a singer/performer.

You may register as an Observer who will watch and glean from the information given OR as a Performer who will sing for and be coached by an industry professional.