Brandon Stauffer

Position: Executive Director

Dream Role: Genie

Brandon is a theatre professional that has traveled the country working in all areas of theatre.  His true love is stage mgmt and design, but you might see him on stage every so often.

Cariel Goodwin

Position: Children's Theatre Music Director

Dream Role: Elsa from Frozen or Regina George from Mean Girls
One sentence job description 

As a teacher I am here to help the students learn the basics of theatre and what an amazing place it can be to come and be yourself.

Why you love theatre
I love theatre because it's a place to escape from life and a place to come together as a team and family to create a truly beautiful story. 

Amanda Larsen

Position: Costume Manager

Dream Role: Ms. Hannigan

Amanda happened into the costume world a few years ago and has not looked back.  She is an imaginative creator and can make anything you ever dreamed of sparkle!

Daniele Bendinelli
Position: Development Dir.

​Dream Role: Spotlight Operator

A transplant from West Texas, Danielle has embraced Utah and grown to adore the state’s creative arts industry over the years. With a degree in Broadcast Journalism, she has been immersing herself in different aspects of media advertising, public relations, event organization and marketing for over 22 years, but is proud to spend her off time as a competitive volunteer.
She’s happy to take your money on behalf of OPPA!.

Rachel Holdaway

Position: ​Homeschool Theatre DirectorDream Role: Amneris

Rachel has been performing for many years and loves her time on stage.   She is a certified marketing genius.  She also loves working with children in the theatre world.

Jillian Durham

Position: Children's Theatre Director

Jillian loves theatre! She is so excited to be directing Aladdin Jr! She received a Bachelors degree in theatre from Dixie State University. She has a lot of performing experience. Some of her favorite roles include Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Eponine in Les Mis. Jillian is also a mom of five wonderful kids! She is thrilled to get to work with your amazing kids! 

Why you love theatre
Theatre is about connection and that’s why it’s important to me. An actor can find a connection to the story, to the character, to other actors, to the audience and to themselves. There is also connection in the creative process.  So many different talents  (director, costumer, lighting, sound, tech design, set building, props, musicians, choreographers, actors and so much more) come together to create something unique.  It’s a beautiful thing! And I love that everyone is welcome in the theatre. That’s important to me, too.

Cecily Cook

Position: Children's Theatre Music Director

One sentence job description 

As a music director I'll work with the directors and cast members so that the story we are telling is even better through the songs we sing.

Why you love theatre
I love theatre because it brings so many different stories to life and brings so many different people together. 


On Pitch Performing Arts Inc. exists to educate, entertain, and inspire children, adults and audiences with theatrical productions that range from musicals, plays, and new works; we train and support the next generation of theatre artists; we provide arts education programs that promote life-long learning; and we celebrate the power of theatre to bring together our community.​

Kennedy Miller 

Position: Children's Theatre Director

Dream Role: Audrey 2 in Little Shop of Horrors
One sentence job description 

I love working with kids and doing technical theatre.

Why you love theatre
I love theatre because it is a place where you can escape the real world and become whatever you want to be!

Marcee Ludlow

Position: Homeschool Teacher/Director                         Dream Role: Don Lockwood in Singing in the Rain (I really struggle with dream roles, the characters I really want to play are all men)

One sentence job description 

I facilitate hands on learning, collaboration, creativity, and empathy through diving deep into theatre contexts and helping kids put on a show.

Why you love theatre

I love theatre because in the process of diving deep into a character and story that comes with acting and putting on a show, we develop a kind of empathy, love, and insight that makes us better humans, individually and collectively. And it is so much fun.

Leslie Barrett

Position: Admin Coordinator

Dream Role: TBA

Leslie has found her way back into the arts after a few years off the stage.  She is a multitasker that can run circles around anyone else.  

Gracie Cook

Position: Children's Theatre Co-Music Director

Dream Role: Alice Murphy from Bright Star
One sentence job description 

As music director I work with the cast and director to teach and help develop the story and characters through music.

Why you love theatre

Theatre matters to me because it brings people together.

Stacey Haslam

Position: Marketing &

Children's Theatre AdminDream Role: Anne Frank

Why you Love theatre

I love theatre because it feels like home. I love the lessons it teaches and the friendships that come from it.

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Shelby Wood

Position: Children's Theatre Choreographer

Dream Role: Any ensemble role in any dance heavy show
One sentence job description 

Teach others to dance so that they can feel confident in their bodies.

Why you love theatre

Theatre brings people together in ways you can't find anywhere else. 

Heather Jackson

Position: Children's Theatre Director

Dream Role: Marguerite

One sentence job description:

Teaching students the ins and outs of theatre and what it means to be a part of a production through the casting and directing of a junior


Why you love theatre:

I love that theatre allows us to explore emotions and personalities other than our own. And then we get to share those things with our audiences.

Laura Crossett

Position: Children's Theatre Technical Liason

Dream Role: The Witch
One sentence job description 

I love that theater allows us to step outside our comfort zone, try new things, and explore a story from another person’s perspective .

Why you love theatre

 It allows us to explore people, emotions, and experiences while we learn about ourselves and others in a safe, fun way! 

Jadon Wall

Position: Tech Coordinator

Jadon can do it all from lights to sound to building he is the man.  

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Katie Beattie

Position: Children's Theatre Assistant Choreographer

Dream Role: Alice in Addams Family.
One sentence job description 

My job is to help teach the choroegraphy that the choreographer has made to the kids.

Why you love theatre
Theatre is such an amazing thing that helps people have a safe space and a place they can go to escape the craziness of the world!

Niamh Helwig

Position: Children's Theatre Choreographer

Dream Role: Alice Murphy from Bright Star
One sentence job description 

I make the choreography and the kids dance it!

Why you love theatre
I love theatre because it is a safe space for any sort of odd person who doesn't fit in to belong.

Tiffani Allen 
Position: Education Dir.

Dream Role: TBA

Tiffani graduated from SUU as the top graduate in Theatre with her degree in Theatre Arts Education. She has a passion for education and for directing and has been doing both as much as she can