Amanda Larsen

Position: Technical Chair

Dream Role: Ursula

Why I love Theatre: I have met so many amazing people that I would not have otherwise met!! As a stay at home mom, I didn’t get out much, and being involved in theater has enriched my life because of the fantastic people I’m surrounded by and the love and support they give me. ❤️

Why the arts are important: The arts inspire creativity, build self confidence, and allow you to view others and the would around you through different lenses. It allows you to express and feel emotions in a creative environment. Truly involving yourself in the arts means getting pushed out of your comfort zone, stripping away your defenses and insecurities and baring a vulnerable part of yourself to perfect strangers, and then recovering from it all, whether the result was positive or negative. It’s terrifying, exhilarating, and will change your life.

Dan Tate

Position: At Large Member

Dream Role: Javert

Why I love Theatre: It’s an escape, but not one cheaply achieved, it’s awesome to see hard work, time and talent turned into an escape for audience members, cast and crew to go into another world and escape ours for a single moment.

Why the arts are important: it connects us to our most human traits, love, laughter, sadness, empathy and joy.

Erin Roring

Position: President

Dream Role: Sylvia

Why I love Theatre: Singing, dancing, acting, humor, love, storytelling, the adorable ensemble, what's not to love! I love getting together with people just like me to have a great time onand off the stage!

Why the arts are important: Life is hard. Life can be disappointing and sad. We need the arts to remind us of the beauty and joy found in life. If nothing else, the arts provide a distraction to the daily grind of life and leave us with a new perspective. People creating art is the most beautiful thing of all.

Halee Rasmussen

Position: Treasurer

Dream Role: Not on stage

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Rachel Helwig

Position: Secretary

Dream Role:  

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Cariel Goodwin

Position: At Large MemberDream Role: Fantine

Why I love Theatre: its an escape from the real world around us. It lets us journey into another world and forget everything else that is troubling us. Also I love watching the audience light up as they enter into a magical world that is so new and exciting to them. 

Why the arts are important: they teach us how to dream and make believe. It helps us be creative and helps our minds develop and grow. Ive learned some of the most important lessons in life be either participating in a show or watching a show.

Julie Johnson

Position: Education ChairDream Role: Mother Gothel

Why I love Theatre: I love the community that is created when you do a show together. You meet people that you may never have been friends with, and you work together for a short period of time, and when it is over you may never see them again, but you have a shared experience that will influence a part of you forever. There is nothing like the creative miracle of seeing a group of strangers come together as a cast and create something amazing that moves others. 

Why the arts are important: Since I usually work with children, teens and in-betweens, I usually think of the arts in regards to an education perspective. Here are some of the things I think children learn from participating in theater: Reading and Comprehension, Public Speaking Skills, Critical and Quick Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Collaboration, Memorizing, Multi-sensory processing, Coordination, Confidence.

Caitlin Olsen

Position: Gala Chair

Dream Role: The Witch

Why I love Theatre: It’s a great way to express your creativity and explore new ideas. 

Why the arts are important: Because the lessons learned go beyond the stage!

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