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Sponsoring a Dressing Room Station

Looking for an interesting way to show support for On Pitch Performing Arts?

For only $150 one of our new Dressing Room Stations  can  be  named  for  the  person,  group  or  business  of your choice. This naming will remain in place (at no further cost to you) until the theatre moves/remodels etc.  At which time there is a new building/remodel etc we will do our best to ensure the plaque's for these dressing rooms make it in new dressing rooms etc as possible. 

Give it to someone special or keep it for yourself.   You can honor your family or friends or remember a loved  one.

A  plaque will be engraved with the name of your choosing.  

Can I pick my Station?

Stations are available on a first-come, first-served  basis. There is an option below to choose a station in either the Men's Side or the Women's Side, we can not guarantee one is available, however will do our best to meet your preference.   

Will I be able to sit at my station if i am cast in a show at OPPA!?

We can not guarantee that your station will be available for any future shows you are cast in.  This sponsorship does not grant you "rights" to that station for use during performances.  

How many lines/characters can I have on the plaque?

You may have 40 total characters with up to 5 lines.

Why sponsor a station? 

Sponsoring a station serves  as  a  unique  and  personalized  gift,  a  memorial  for  those  who  loved  the  theatre, and an inexpensive way for you to support the theatre.

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