Private Lessons & Audition Prep


​​​Private lessons are Available in Voice, Tap dancing, and Piano.  Our teachers  are experienced working with everyone from beginner to expert! You can also book a 30 Minute Audition Prep Time with our talented teachers.

Current Safety Procedures

 ​In discussion with our staff, board and volunteers we are continuing to adjust our policies to provide a safe place for the arts. We have worked to create policies that can be long term, you will see that some of these changes will take affect at different times that is to allow for the change. As some shows have already auditioned and are rehearsing it can be hard to change those restrictions “mid run” so we are working to tier our response to the rising COVID concerns.

Audience Members: (Starting August 10th)
Masks will be requested to see a show inside our facility.
We ask that you social distance in all areas when possible.
We STRONGLY encourage all audience members to get vaccinated and help keep the arts alive.

Community Theatre Performers/staff/volunteers. (starting immediately)
Masks will be encouraged at ALL times during rehearsals and at anytime inside the building.
Vaccinations will be required (for age groups eligible for the vaccine) to audition or work on a show (director, designer etc) starting with our first show of the 2022 season.
OPPA! staff (Building staff) will be required to show vaccination completion by 10/1/21
As allowed by Legislation a valid exemption can be submitted. 

Education Classes
As we have always done we have followed the Davis School District,
Masks will be HIGHLY requested at all classes, no testing will currently be done in our classes, and no vaccine requirement is currently in place.
We will however add the following:
We STRONGLY encourage all students to wear masks during class, you will see our staff wearing masks and we ask that your children do the same for the safety of our students and Staff.
We are not currently requiring vaccinations for any of our classes, however again, we STRONGLY encourage anyone able to get the vaccination.
We hope that this approach will get us through this semester and beyond, however these may be adjusted as we proceed through the semester.

We understand that Covid is considered a hot button issue to some, but it isn’t here at OPPA! Here at OPPA! we are doing only what we need to keep the arts alive and going in our community, because in the end thats why ALL of us are here and you are reading this because you are an arts supporter. We know that some may disagree with our choices above and while we respect your choice we also must do what we can to protect our staff, students, volunteers, patrons and our Mission.


One of our biggest ideas is that through teaching theatre we create a better community. 

​Learn about our Education Standards and Learning outcomes

Children's  Classes


We also have classes for Home Schoolers that fit your home school schedule! 

Casting vs Education:

OPPA! believes fully in the power of theatre education to change our communities for the better.  We Do that through classes, and shows that sometimes involve casting.  While casting in any show is necessary it can be a very large downfall to our mission at times.  We however do not believe that the size of role you receive has any impact on what we do here… Educate.  If you are coming to OPPA! and signing up for a show class because you and/or your child will only be happy if they get “the lead” our programs may not be the right fit for you.  We encourage you to evaluate with yourself as the parent and your child BEFORE enrolling in our show classes. We love what theatre teaches kids (and adults) and believe that the educational outcome is far more important than the role they get.  The value of learning about teamwork, leadership, speaking, confidence, etc is far more important than the role you play.  You as the parent can cause the casting to be a great moment or a sad moment based on your choice when you read the cast list.  We encourage you to learn more about our process and ask questions BEFORE auditions.