James has been playing piano for 14 years, and specializes in classical music. He is currently studying Music Education at Weber State in hopes to become a high school or college choir teacher. He uses a mixture of the Alfred d'Auberge teaching method as well as his own teaching methods, which includes: learning music and music theory from the books, playing scales based on the proper fingerings used to test music majors at WSU, and learning repertoire that will challenge the students and allow for enough practice to make them performance ready. James' expertise is in teaching the Intermediate to Advanced student.

James Herndon


Jessica has been playing the piano for 11 years, including experience in accompanying choirs, solos, and other instruments. She has a fun personality that will set even the most timid of students at ease. Jessica loves teaching piano and music and will be pursuing a performance/teaching degree in music and theatre. The method she uses in teaching students is the John W. Schaum method, which uses music theory, scales, and uses fun and effective ways to learn the piano.  Jessica’s expertise is in teaching the Beginner to Intermediate piano student.

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Piano Lessons

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Jessica Adams


James' lessons are focused on the intermediate to advanced student and are priced starting at $15 per half hour.

Jessica's lessons are focused on the beginning student and are priced starting at $15 per half hour.