Breanne Sanders​Teacher

Quesley's lessons are focused on the intermediate to advance student and are priced starting at $27.50 per half hour.

Camille Reed​Teacher

Cariel has always loved singing and acting from a very young age. Music has always been a big part of her life. She is trained in playing flute, piano, was trained in voice for 9 years, and has been involved with theatre for 12. My goal is to help others learn to sing in a healthy way and to feel confident in themselves and their talents. 

Avonlea Simons​Teacher

Jennifer's lessons are focused

on the beginner to advanced student and are priced starting at $27.50 per half hour.

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Voice Lessons

I have been teaching piano for 27 years, and voice for twenty. I studied music performance at Weber State University and have been performing publicly since I was 12 years old. I have been trained in classical, musical theater, folk, art song and jazz vocal technique, and dabble with popular songs from all genres.  I have a very figurative teaching style for both piano and voice that encompasses Bel canto vocal technique. I love teaching music! I found myself through music and encourage my students to do the same.

I have been singing for as long as I can remember and have always loved being a student and teacher of music! I graduated from Weber State University with a bachelors of integrated studies emphasizing vocal pedagogy.  I have been teaching private and semi private voice lessons for 10 years. When it comes to teaching, there’s little more fulfilling to me than when a student discovers capabilities in their own voices that they didn’t know were possible! 


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Jennifer Morgan


Quesley Bunch


Avonlea's lessons are focused

on the beginner to intermediate student and are priced starting at $27.50 per half hour.

I am from Indiana and have been performing most of my life. I have been teaching voice for about 6 years now and have trained people for performances, auditions and competitions. I have been apart of professional and many community theatre’s after Studying musical theatre performance at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Ive trained in classical, pop/R&B and theatre styles of singing and continue to improve myself. While teaching voice I focus on helping people find the confidence in their own voice because I find that the uniqueness of your voice cannot be duplicated; and that in itself is a beautiful sound! 

Camille's lessons are focused

on the beginner to advanced student and are priced starting at $27.50 per half hour.

Breanne's lessons are focused

on the beginner student and are priced starting at $27.50 per half hour.

I am a Utah native with a Master’s degree in teaching. Some of my first memories are of singing, so music has always been a big part of my life! My personal vocal training focused mainly on music theater, which means I love teaching that style the most, but I also enjoy pop or classical styles. My favorite part of teaching is helping students find the confidence to try things they previously saw as too difficult and watching them shine. 

Cariel's lessons are focused on the beginner to intermediate student and are priced starting at $27.50 per half hour.

I have been performing and singing since the age of 3. I have performed in all types of occasions and places from church and weddings to community theater and professional theater as well and globally. I studied Vocal Performance at Utah Valley University for 2 years and received training from various teachers in various styles.  I have been teaching private lessons for 5 years and focus on jazz, musical theater, pop and classical styles.  I have worked with many students to step beyond their comfort zones to act more boldly, sing more passionately, and perform with confidence.  I love helping students see their potential and achieve their performance goals.  I strive to help people embrace their unique abilities and develop a deep love for music and performing. 

Cariel Goodwin